Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Executive Search
ALDE Executive Search

Through the Executive Search Service, ALDE informs its members of open positions in nonprofit organizations that would be of interest to them or their colleagues. Advertised positions typically include those pertaining to fund raising and/or public relations positions but also include CEO, finance and other administrative positions.

To view jobs:

Click here and log in to go to the Executive Search Board.  Please note that access to job postings is a membership benefit.

To post a job:

Posting options include:

  • Web Posting Plus Distribution to Members:
    The fee for this service is $500. The posting is added to the Web site within one week and remains there for two months. An abbreviated version of the search is also sent by email to most ALDE members (approximately 90% of membership). This distribution may be alone or in conjunction with other announcements.  NEW DEAL! Get two Standard Postings for$800.  That's a savings of $200 Positions are posted on the ALDE website for two months. An email notification with brief descriptions of both positions is sent to all ALDE members.
  • Web Posting Only Option:
    The fee for this service is $200. The search is posted on the Web site within one week and remains there for two months.

Provide information needed and submit to ALDE:

For questions regarding Executive Search, please email Jon at jonn@alde.org.