Sunday, May 24, 2015
Giving to ALDE
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Annual Fund

ALDE Cutting Edge
Endowment  Fund

 Recurring Gifts

Giving to ALDE's Annual Fund is a way to show that you believe the work of the organization is important - not just for you, but for other development and communications professionals.

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ALDE Annual Fund

By giving to the ACEEF, you demonstrate your commitment to ALDE's future.  You help ensure that development professionals will experience the benefits of ALDE for years to come.

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ALDE Endowment Fund

Set up recurring gifts to the Annual Fund and/or Endowment Fund online - with your credit card or a bank account.

Become an ALDE Sustainer by making monthly gifts.  Or set up another recurring option.


ALDE Annual Fund
It is essential to keep dues as low as possible so that membership is affordable for rindividuals serving both large and small agencies.  The Annual Fund enables ALDE to pursue excellence beyond what dues cover.

Many employers cover ALDE's dues and conference costs for members.  By making a personal gift to the Annual Fund, you honor the role ALDE has played in your professional life and help strengthen the organization for the benefit of others.

Your gift to the ALDE Annual Fund will strengthen the overall organization in two important ways.

First, you will support the broad-based mission of the association by helping ALDE reach its goals to:

  • Provide educational opportunities responsive to member needs
  • Promote professionalism in development
  • Recruit and retain a growing, capable and diverse membership
  • Enhance the image, visibility and reputation of ALDE

Second, your gift will allow a greater number of people to attend ALDE's annual International Educational conference. Annual fund gifts expand the number of conference grants available for first-time attendees and for members employed by agencies that do not have funds available for continuing education.

ALDE Cutting Edge Endowment Fund - ACEEF Brochure

Your investment in the ALDE Endowment Fund permits you to share in the future of a vibrant, responsive organization that will continue to meet the needs of Christian development professionals for years to come.

The purpose of the Endowment Fund is to build an asset base in perpetuity and make a 4% annual distribution to be used for educational opportunities for the membership.

Endowment Fund earnings will be used for priorities established by the ALDE Board to strengthen the mission of the organization. Fund earnings will:

  • Provide support for new projects and opportunities.
  • Allow start-up financing for new initiatives. Inspiration and ingenuity are the key to growth in any organization.
  • Sustain a legacy of learning for the education and support of development professionals.

Membership dues alone cannot begin to fund the long-range needs of our organization--the essentials our members demand to enhance the profession. The same commitment to excellence we enjoy today will be perpetuated for a new generation of ALDE members.