Saturday, April 18, 2015
ALDE Awards for Excellence in Philanthropy

With great pleasure ALDE invites you to participate in the 
ALDE Awards for Excellence in Philanthropy.

As an ALDE member, you have the opportunity to nominate a colleague for one of ALDE's prestigious awards. You also have the opportunity to showcase your most successful and creative work in the Exchange of Ideas Show, held annually during the educational conference. Exhibited entries will be eligible to compete for the Creativity Award, which offers a cash prize funded by an anonymous donor.

All award winners will be honored this year at the
2015 International Educational Conference in Reno, Nevada,
Feb. 24-27, 2015.

ALDE’s Recognition Committee depends on the thoughtful and detailed input of members like you in order to select the most deserving recipients. If you know an individual whose skill, commitment, and selflessness have significantly impacted your community or organization, please consider nominating him/her for an ALDE Award for Excellence in Philanthropy.

Thank you in advance 
for your nominations 
and participation in 
the ALDE Awards for
Excellence in Philanthropy!

Nomination form for the awards! 
Click here for special Creativity Award entry instructions.

Submit nomination form and essay responses by
September 2, 2014.

We have a new, simpler nomination process this year.  Questions are shorter, and if your nominee is a finalist, then we will ask you for more detail.

Award Nominations