Inspiring, educating and mentoring the Christian fundraising community to spark generosity for mission.

Connections.  They are essential to every aspect of our lives - personal, spiritual and professional.  While they tie us to our past and ground us in tradition and identity, connections are key to moving forward.  As Christians, we value connections to our past, to the larger community and to each other.  These connections tie us together in community and move us forward in faith for service in and to the world.

ALDE inspires, connects and equips Christians for excellence in philanthropy. The Association is comprised of 17 chapters, which promote networking and education, and provide opportunities for Christian fellowship. Founded in 1979, ALDE is one of the nation's leading organizations of Christian development executives. The membership consists of more than 700 professionals in the areas of fundraising and communications. Members receive extensive benefits and services, including:

  • Timely communications with updates on issues in our profession
  • Career training
  • The opportunity to explore professional matters
  • Invaluable, supportive connections with peers

But it is the shared goal of furthering God's mission in the world that brings together ALDE's diverse membership.

"I'm not alone ... When I joined ALDE, and I came to the conference and I got to attend the webinars, I met a network of people who really get what I do and who really understand my passion for development and for engaging people.  With other professional organizations I've experienced a sense of competition, and so it's who's raising more money than who.  But when I came here I met a group of people who were really interested in my development and my success - whether I was doing a good job.  In the professional world it's really hard to find an avenue where you can express your love and your passion for Jesus Christ and for the Lord.  So ALDE means being able to come into a development setting where, not only am I learning really good tools, but I'm not alone in my pursuit of holiness within my career."

-Rebekah Poling - Regional Development Director, Upbring - Argyle, Texas

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Faith and Ethics Form the Foundation of ALDE

Ethics are essential to ALDE and its members.  We strive to adhere to all ethical standards of the development professional, and are further bound by the Christian guidance of our callings.  Without proper conduct anything we say about working for good or the Lord means nothing.  Yet with Christ as our guide we can do great things for God's people.

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