ALDE Advocates

What is an ALDE Advocate?

In short, an ALDE advocate is a champion of ALDE, expressing ALDE’s core values, benefits and contributions to faith-focused philanthropy. Building our membership of involved and enthusiastic members strengthens the profession, the members, and ALDE.

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Why do we need Advocates?

One word: connect! Advocates are needed to expand the base of prospective members by identifying connections with faith-based individuals and organizations in their local communities. They cultivate a culture of hospitality to develop prospects and encourage membership, especially Christian development professionals and/or those serving faith-based organizations. When needed, they communicate the “Lutheran Lens” when encountering other Christians who are not familiar with ALDE.

How do I Become an ALDE Advocate?

Are you passionate about the mission of ALDE? Do you enjoy building relationships? Are you a self-starter? Do you like being part of a team? Are you knowledgeable about your locale? Then you could be an ALDE Advocate!

What Are the Responsibilities of an ALDE Advocate?

  • Uphold ALDE as a faith-focused organization and resource to Inspire, Connect and Equip Christians for Excellence in Philanthropy
  • Create and facilitate local network contacts within a geographical cluster of your chapter (advocates will be assigned based on clusters of current membership in the chapter)
  • Identify individuals and faith-based organizations within the assigned geographical cluster
    • Seek out new hires at constituent organizations
    • Ask permission to email if person has been identified through online research
  • Serve as a local, informal mentor as relationships are built
  • Find ways to engage prospects in chapter activities and events, and with other chapter members.
  • Communicate with, report to, and be accountable to Advocates Team and ultimately to Board and staff
  • Serve for two years, renewable if mutually agreeable between Advocate and Advocates Team

Let us know you want to be an Advocate