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Looking for a convenient and diverse consideration of the latest development topics? You're all set with the ACF webinars. These sessions are based on the highest rated breakouts from the ACF Faith & Fundraising Conference, so you know you're getting the best in philanthropic thought leadership.

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Brian Gavin and Stephanie Wollenburg

5 Steps to Shape and Sharpen Your Personal Brand

Anthony Alonso

Lessons Learned About the Annual Fund During a Worldwide Crisis

Paul Dunne

Key Pillars of Capacity Building That Will Impact Your Organization's Success!

Ashley Gatewood and Jeff Stanger

CFRE Over Coffee

Brian Gavin

Celebrate Good Times: Earned Media

Brenda Moore and Jason Gerdes

The Wow, Now, and How of Planned Giving

Chad McEachern and Susan Raymond

From Crisis Crucible to Program Growth: Partnerships That Raise Long-Term Support

Jennifer Miller

Storytelling Techniques That Drive Revenue Growth

Geoff Peters

Understand Your Donors’ Brains to Get Better Results

Paul Marsh

Gratitude: A Crucial Part of Your Fundraising Plan

Dave Raley

Sustainable Giving in the Subscription Economy

Michael Gorriarán

Reduce Dependency on Year-End and Episodic Giving With AI Driven, Real-Time Modeling of Donor Sentiment

Patton McDowell

3 Ways to Advance Your Fundraising Leadership This Year

James Goalder

The Current State of Donor Retention and What You Can Do About It

Scott McKenzie

The Art of Appreciation: How to Build Strong Donor Relationships

Emily Dubay and Rich Duncan

The Fundamentals of Nonprofit Fundraising