Connections.  They are essential to every aspect of our lives - personal, spiritual and professional.  While they tie us to our past and ground us in tradition and identity, connections are key to moving forward.  As Christians, we value connections to our past, to the larger community and to each other.  These connections tie us together in community and move us forward in faith for service in and to the world.

Learn What You Need for Development Success 

Looking for a focused introduction to development (nonprofit fundraising, marketing, communications, and leadership)? Are you new to the field, with zero to four years of experience, or transitioning into the field, or someone for whom development is just one piece of your position? This is for YOU!

Learn the fundamentals of fundraising, from the donor cycle to building and communicating the case statement, to working with volunteers, constituents and boards. You don't have to be an ALDE member or from a certain type of organization to attend. We're here for you no matter where you are!

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Learn Essentials for Nonprofit Fundraising Leadership
October 23, 2018

  • In a smaller organization?
  • Performing multiple roles as CEO/Executive Director?
  • A new CEO with no fundraising background?
  • A COO, VP, Board Chair, or a CEO/ED wannabe?

Eecutive Fundraising Essentials is for you! Build your network with those in similar roles, get a mentor. Find what you need to succeed in development. Details and registration.