Connections. They are essential to every aspect of our lives - personal, spiritual and professional. While they tie us to our past and ground us in tradition and identity, connections are key to moving forward. As Christians, we value connections to our past, to the larger community and to each other. These connections tie us together in community and move us forward in faith for service in and to the world.

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Leading up to Faith & Fundraising: Milwaukee 2022 in February, our community identified the BIG 3 Challenges for faith-based fundraisers:

  1. How can we honor our faith missions in a climate of donor distrust and social divisiveness?
  2. In the face of generational differences and our aging donor base, how can we appeal to multiple generations?
  3. How can we be most effective and impactful when we work with limited resources?

At the conference, we worked together in Innovation Rooms to explore and address these challenges, learning from each other's experiences and expertise. There will be much more to share about those conversations over the next several weeks. For now, we share the graphic charts that captured the conversations, created by graphic recorder Sherrill Knezel. Let this be a spark for many more conversations!

BIG 3 - Generational Differences Graphic