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Includes Nebraska and Kansas

This Heartland Chapter webinar group for has been CANCELLED. You may still attend on your own for free - RSVP here.

Save the date for March 21, when we will get together for a social media webinar and lunch. Stay tuned for details and registration.

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Midland University - Omaha Location
Classroom 2
11213 Davenport St, Suite 100
Omaha, NE 68154

Any questions or lost? Call or text John Eggen at (402) 512-0090.

If You Confuse, You Lose. 
Learn How to Create Crystal Clear Communications.
Webinar With Casey Fuerst 
Thursday, February 21, 2019
A crystal clear message - website, print, email, and in-person donor calls - is absolutely critical to getting what you are asking for. When you are too vague or the information you share is cluttered and hard to understand, your audience is going to check out. You must quickly and clearly communicate who you are, what problem you solve for them, and easy-to-understand steps to get to the solution. This workshop will give you the StoryBrand formula for building your communication strategy and walk you through easy steps to building your elevator speech. You'll walk away with immediate, easy-to-implement tools to improve your materials and presentations. Whether you are new to your job or a high-level executive, what you learn here WILL help you improve - your impact, your bottom line, and your clarity.
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Casey Fuerst has worked with nonprofits and small businesses to give them the messaging, strategic marketing plans, and collateral materials to support their work for 20-plus years. For 18 of those years, she served as the Director/Marketing & Leadership Development at Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries. 

Casey is a certified StoryBrand Guide and uses this framework to create marketing messaging, plans, and collateral to increase impact and grow business. Casey owns and provides lead consultation for Tic Tac Toe Marketing.